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Crusader forges on!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

"You must run for he'll kill your god with no regard," sings K'noup in the chorus.

The Music Industry and its so-called Dictators.

It's bad enough up and coming artists have a tough task in making an impact in today's world due in large part to the pop elitists that govern every corner of the industry. It's even more difficult when you compound it with insecure, pompous and more established veteran artists that push down at the mere sight of a young, creative and deserving artist. Crusader is the anti-dictator song, the David to their Goliath.

Crusader comes out October 13th

Did you know?

The blades in the image are traditional Armenian Daggers also known as a "Dashuyn" and are best known for their use in Byzantine-Ottoman conflicts.

Daggers provided by Yury Anisonyan

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