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"No one remembers the artist unless their art is worth remembering." ~ K'noup

It was 1992 and one morning at the age of seventeen, I woke up to a voice in my head that forever changed my life. That day I wanted that voice to be heard around the world, but as restless as I was to quickly call myself a singer, I simply lacked the tools and skills to achieve that. So, for the next 8 years, I sought after that inner voice through hard work via what many know as the "ten thousand hour rule" and, by the age of 25, I finally discovered what my voice would be.  As you can imagine, it was a euphoric moment, but that was only the beginning, as I then spent the following two decades creating, polishing and mastering my voice like I still do to this very day.


I am the son of two Greek immigrant parents who, shortly after my birth in 1975 (within the small northern city of Kastoria) travelled west to America for a better life. They provided for me and raised me in a Greek community in New York City called Astoria until later on in my young adult life I myself travelled west to Hollywood, California to pursue my dreams. There I was met with a few accolades and many disappointments, as Hollywood is a dog eat dog melting pot, but regardless, major lessons would be learned as the journey itself proved to be the only true muse. You see life as a whole is a myriad of ups and downs and music is no different. It is an audio novel based off a dichotomy of emotions and circumstances translated through various characters introduced within the construct of musical themes and passages, so whether it be angelic or diabolic, sane or insane, fortunate or unfortunate, life will always constitute music and vice versa.


K’noup is a singer and songwriter as well as the founding member of the bands Viza & Neurobox. He has over 160 recorded songs that span over two decades.  From performing as a regular at the legendary CBGB's in NYC and the Troubadour in LA to the festivals in Europe, he has toured the globe with the likes of Gogol Bordello, Serj Tankian, Skindred, Amy Lee & many other artists.
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