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This Fruit by K'noup

K'noup releases "This Fruit" - the latest single to his project TRANSLATIONS, this time translating Carla Morrison's hit Spanish single "Disfruto" into his own English interpretation.

Now streaming everywhere.

Holy Blood by K'noup

K'noup releases Holy Blood.

The Hopeless Romantic II by K'noup

K'noup releases "The Hopeless Romantic II" - stream it everywhere or purchase it here

A Beautiful CatastropheK'noup
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Dingle by VIZA

VIZA releases "Dingle" exclusively on Instagram!  Streaming everywhere on October 13th.  Coming to CD as part of an EP soon.

THE GIBBERING MR. SUCCESS has his own channel!

The featured personality on two Neurobox albums now has his own channel on TikTok and Instagram!

Find him on either platform by searching @thegibberingmrsuccess

Llama by VIZA

VIZA releases their sixth single, "Llama".

VIZA Releases Avec Toi (From Paris with Love)
Thunderbolt by VIZA

VIZA releases their third single, "Thunderbolt".

The Hopeless Romantic 2 by K'noup

K'noup releases first half of THE HOPELESS ROMANTIC 2.

Ms. Information by VIZA

VIZA releases their second single Ms. Information.

Calling You by Mutayam

K'noup collaborates with Egyptian band Mutayam.

Loyal Tea by VIZA

VIZA releases LOYAL TEA the single.  

K'noup reforms Neurobox with co-founder.

Neurobox is back and with it will comes new music.  Co-founders K'noup & drummer Hiram Rosario will be working on a new album tentatively called "The Fall of Man" with Producer Yury Anisonyan (VIZA, Blackmore) to be released later this year.

The first single "The Night Cometh" has been completed and will be released sometime in the coming second quarter.

"I've been writing Neurobox music in the back burner for the past ten years in hopes they would see the light of day and now i'm super flabbergasted to be able to do so with long time friend and band member Hiram Rosario.  "The Fall of Man" will be give or take 13 dark opuses so expect the unexpected." says K'noup.

You can currently find more info on Instagram - NeuroboxMusic or www.Neurobox.Band


VIZA releases PATHWAY the music video.  

K'noup Releases CRUSADER & BACKSTABBER 2.0

K'noup releases his anticipated single Crusader.  With its classical touch along with its modern rock edge, Crusader brings forth a rich soundtrack to those seeking something more deep.

"Crusader was inspired by one of my favorite movies of all time, The Count of Monte Cristo and I wrote it with its theme based solely on its interpretation of imaginary revenge. " said K'noup.

Crusader is to be part of an overall album entitled CRUSADER to be released in 2020

Crusader Released

The latest single by K'noup CRUSADER is now online.

VIZA Releases EROS
Crusader to be Released on October 13th

The follow up to BACKSTABBER will be released on October 13th as once again K'noup delves into a world of eeriness that is reminiscent of his days in Neurobox.  "I have way too many dark songs sitting on the shelf much like Crusader, and one by one over the next few months I will be releasing them into my reservoir of music,"  said K’noup.  

Along with CRUSADER a bonus track of an alternate version of BACKSTABBER will also be released.

VIZA to release Eros the single on October 1st

International rock band VIZA will release their follow up to The Unorthodox Revival with a song that was meant to be on the 2008 album EROS.  Over ten years later EROS the single will finally find its place within the VIZA catalog.

"I wrote the song over ten years ago and even though it was meant to be on EROS I felt it was lacking a vital movement and therefore I deemed it incomplete. So instead of rushing it I waited it out until the arrangement fell into place naturally to what it is now. Subsequently I am very happy with the given result and the life the band has given it." said K'noup.

You can listen to it exclusively on VIZA's YouTube page at 10am Pacific Time Zone. Receives Make Over

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