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Times are ironic. Our world is in deep quarrel, and at any given moment we can erupt in an all out battle so it goes without saying that the opening line "Pathway to War..." sounds like a current news headline.

'Pathway' the last track off the double EP 'The Unorthodox Revival" has been released as a music video directed by Lara Aslanian, a song written by Antranig Kzirian (theoudplayer) that by my impression is everything VIZA stands for; deep, progressive, cultural and more importantly beautiful. I took the pleasure of enjoying this song's development as a passenger from the very beginning and it has been quite the ride. And what it has become has far superseded my expectations, an entire production team led by Lara - Wanderlux Productions and with the backing of My Ouai! Productions, took a powerful song in itself and made it into a haunting visual love affair. I, playing the role of the husband, found myself deceased once again in yet another VIZA video tale (Magic Ladder being the other) to which I've come to expect as a career theme of death and my rebirth. So here's to nine lives! Or in this case seven!

Photo by Jake Hagopian

You can find more info at

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