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It's 2021 and it has been 21 years since the release of EVE. Mind you that was before 9/11, Facebook, Tesla and of course Coronavirus. So it only makes sense that NEUROBOX newest album, a 13 track depiction of tragedy within fantasy/reality is finally released and symbolically represented in what is called FALL OF MAN.


1 - Dracula's Letter

2 - Piss On Your Grave

3 - Villains

4 - Yesterday Is Coming

5 - Jumpin' Jihad

6 - Coffin

7 - Creaks

8 - Off With His Head

9 - Stuck

10 - You Know Too Much

11 - The Gibbering Mr. Success Returns

12 - Hush

13 - Fall Of Man

"It was the summer of 2018 and I had just returned from Los Angeles after a tumultuous few of years of battling rock stars and Hollywood egos. I was left an emotionally broken man however not spiritually and took the next couple of years to regroup and write what I knew had to be my opus. For I like to believe that our greatest of moments come after our most difficult of moments," said K'noup.

The key ingredients to the project were contrived of some of NEUROBOX oldest of key players and a couple of new ones. Co-founder and drummer Hiram Rosario returned, long time extraordinaire Cello player Dave Eggar (Evanescence, Cellogram) was also on board, and veteran producer Nik Chinboukas (Neurobox Eve, Adam) added his expertise. Add to the mix guitarist, producer/mixing engineer Yury Anisonyan and mastering engineer Ted Jensen (Gojira, Green Day, Evanescence) and the project took a whole new sonic sound.

Photo by Jake Hagopian
"From the song titles, to the lyrics, to the melodies and dynamics; I wanted to write a timeless collection of dark music and I'm almost certain that was accomplished, but I will let the listener decide," also said K'noup.

The featured single Dracula's Letter is available to download and stream, while the remaining record will be released on Friday, February 26th at 12:01 am Eastern Time Zone exclusively on Bandcamp or,

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