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Two Sides of a Song

Over the last few months I've written and released two completely different sounding songs through my respective projects; 'Loyal Tea' with VIZA, and "The Night Cometh" with Neurobox. Both are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to mode, and to be quite honest thats the way I like it. You see ever since I started writing music I always practiced to bring forth a Jekyll and Hyde persona. I wanted to be able to touch upon all emotions and themes...I wanted to move you emotionally in my love songs and scare the pants off you in my fright tracks...I wanted to be the Johnny Depp of music.

Photo by Val Hovanesian

The switch that comes with this type of creativity is almost bipolar and more often than not is something I cannot predict. I write what I feel and I feel what I write. Furthermore this dichotomy tends to show itself in public to which some might define as some sort of insane gene, but have no fear I'm quite well up there. I just love being an original eccentric artist and for that I'm content with being misunderstood.



When I wrote 'Loyal Tea' I had just been dealt a deep betrayal of friendship, Someone I valued tremendously had shown me his true colors after an opportunity was bestowed upon him. Disappointed and saddened I couldn't help but write such an obvious pun to loyalty. "Drink your Loyal Tea and spit it up on the ground for me." It was perfect metaphor to incorporate. Now in regards to the song's arrangement, at first I was going to keep it raw (see below for the original version) much like I did with "Just For You", but after experimenting with some percussion I knew it was destined to be a VIZA song. The oud and duduk followed suit and they both worked magically. A modern world music-rock song came to fruition.

Loyal Tea (K'noup Version) Click Here



Ahh yes this juggernaut. This song was meant to be the rebirth of Neurobox. Little did I know this song that I wrote back in December 2019 would hold so much validity in world events come April 2020. You see in Neurobox I tend to write the opposite themes that I write in VIZA, if VIZA is my Romeo & Juliet, Neurobox is my Dante's Inferno.

Photo by John Hartigan

'The Night Cometh' was a song I wrote with the storyline of a doomsday scenario taking place in the form of a plague, and here we are, fuckin Covid19. Jesus Christ sometimes I don't understand where these songs come from but they manifest regardless. You see this is not the first time these strange occurrences take place. For example when I wrote Boeing' 93 and NYC back in 2000 (two other Neurobox songs) they also had some prophetic connections, one was about a plane crashing and the other was about NYC being taken over pirates. So not a year later after writing them 9/11 took place where you guessed it NYC was terrorized and the flight that crashed on its way to Washington DC was in fact - drum roll please - Flight 93 made by Boeing. That shit messed with my head for a while. What does this all mean? Lord knows. But what I do know is you can 'tell the bastards I am here for blood' cause I ain't about to stop writing these morbid tunes.


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