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As a musician, my passion is to create music that connects with people. With a dynamic range of vocals and an array of stylistic themes within the bands I'm part of - VIZA, NEUROBOX - I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with some incredible artists and perform in front of thousands of fans. Check out some of my latest projects and experience the essence for yourself.


Since our inception in 2006, VIZA has been known for our hard-hitting international rock music, which has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Our passion for music has taken us across Europe and the United States, where we have performed for thousands of adoring fans. With underground classic albums like Made in Chernobyl and Aria, our unique sound has been described by critics as 'a fusion of punk, metal, and European sound.' We invite you to join us on a journey you won't soon forget.



Welcome to the haunting world of NEUROBOX, a dark gothic band with a unique lyrical style that combines fantasy and reality. Our journey began at the legendary CBGB's in NYC in the mid nineties, and since then we have continued to create music that captivates our audience. Our most recent release, Fall of Man, features vampirish themes and dark melodies that leave a lasting impression on listeners.



As a singer and songwriter, I believe that music should be timeless. My name is K'noup aka The Hopeless Romantic, and I am a storyteller who loves to create music that transcends time. I am passionate about writing sad love songs. For me, music is all about evoking emotions and connecting with people on a deeper level.  All the greatest artists understand this simple yet overlooked revelation.


The Gibbering Mr. Success

The Gibbering Mr. Success was birthed in a Neurobox album, an eccentric and dynamic personalty to say the least, The Gibbering Mr. Success holds back nothing when it comes to anything and everything.  Watch him on Instagram and TikTok now.  

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